Air conditioning in the car-pros and cons

Because fuel hikes lately and economic crisis, overall, there are many voices in people opinion and media that support limiting entry to air conditioning installation in cars. In reality, there are many recommendations for overall power economy and an outbuilding like air conditioning is amongst the first attacked, it is recommended the use of traditional ventilation, which is made of ambient air ventilation entering the windows. Sure, this version is not really something for anyone, especially in winter, in the event the window open flame may be triggering a flu for several weeks. However, to consider the next most common among pros and cons related to the use of air fitness in the car and can you choose the best solution for you.

Why not use ac in the car?

It’s true. Use air conditioning in the car can increase consumption general by 10% of vehicle, especially in crowded cities. This rate is not the ignorant, especially if you have a budget for fuel each week or month. Studies have shown that the typical or lower speed of 70 kilometers per hour, cars can be more efficient in terminology of consumption and comfort by keeping vehicle windows when aired down. So, for many current categories of roads (driving through the city, left for the mall, visiting family), the easiest is always to aeristesti car with ambient air-course, as long as being the environment and temperature will not make you sense uncomfortable or will not affect the proper functioning of your car. So, from spring to autumn, you may keep the car windows open when heat permits, and the consumer’s car and he will remain at a lower level, more profitable for your needs.

When it useful to use air fitness?

If you exceed the speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour, as is normal to happen in interstate driving conditions, it is better to keep windows closed and use air conditioning system of the car. The cars have higher fuel consumption by as many as 20%, if windows are open. Current slows the vehicle and do even more unstable, not to speak about even more awkward to handle. It is very likely to get sick if you drive with that windows down at high speed, so it’s completely appropriate to make use of the air conditioning when driving at higher speed.

Besides air conditioning, there are other solutions that you can ventilate the car and keep comfort inside car. First, the main fan of the car, if joined within, can ventilate the car quite well and can decrease the temperature of the car. Then, it can change the smell in the car, namely to get rid of “flavors” involving fuel and air alleyways. It’s best to make use of this setting to maximum, but you can opt for less intensive options if desired. Another very simple method is to park the car in a parking lot or cool, if not probable, even in the shade. Car doors sports book odds and vent out again before the town if it’s hot, you will benefit in terms of comfort, and fuel consumption will be reduced.

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